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Blast Nozzles


The media blasting market applications include the use of abrasives to cut, roughen, smooth, clean or polish surfaces, or to remove material to modify surface dimensions or shapes. Sandblasting is use to provide the surface finished needed in industries such as aerospace and medical. The automotive industry uses this technique in coating and paint spraying for surface cleaning and improving anti-corrosion ability and adhesion. Industrials such as steel us high pressured water jet for surface cleaning. And waterjet cutting is often used during fabrication of precision machine parts. The nozzles for these application is the key as it needs to handle the extreme abrasion from the blast media.


Cerbide is the new standard for blast nozzles. It's unique properties offer a 8 times longer life time than normal nozzles, dramatically decreases cost and increase productivity.


Airless Paint Spray

High Pressure Water

Abrasive Waterjet