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  • What applications are Cerbide's material most suited for?
    Products made from Cerbide MACH600 are particularly useful as wear parts in applications requiring high corrosion and abrasion resistance. Due to its excellent thermal conductivity, toughness, and improved chemical resistance, Cerbide is your choice for machining and cutting needs in low or no impact, high abrasion applications. Also because it lacks a cobalt binder, Cerbide is an excellent substrate material for diamond coating applications, DLC and applications requiring extreme corrosion resistance.
  • What are Cerbide's dimensional capabilities in production?
    Cerbide is capable of producing engineered components in these black-box sizes: - parts with the max size of 4” Diameter x 6.5” Length - parts with a minimum size ID of 0.018” diameter over a length of 3" - parts with a minimum size ID of 0.040” diameter when the length > 3” However - we are able to accomodate larger custom dimensions, so send us a drawing and we will work with you on a solution!
  • Can Cerbide materials be brazed?
    Yes, Cerbide MACH600 can be easily brazed .... it can be torch, induction or atmospherically brazed to steel substrates with AWS Braze BAg 22. + Lucas-Milhaupt LM Silvaloy 495 + Prince & Izant Silver Braze 49Ni4 with any “B” or “B-1” type flux is recommended
  • How do Cerbide materials perform in a corrosive environment?
    Cerbide MACH600 binderless tungsten carbide corrodes 8 times than Nickel binder Tungsten Carbides after 144 hours in Nitric, Acetic, or Sulfuric Acids.
  • Is Cerbide's MACH600 material magnetic?
    Cerbide is non-magnetic unlike Cobalt based Tungsten Carbides. For applications where you need to differentiate a ferrous material on a mandrel or punch, use MACH600 and your mag prox will be able to sense part presence.
  • How do you machine the Cerbide material?
    MACH600 can be readily formed by diamond tools in addition to sinker or wire EDM subtractive processes. It can also be laser etched & laser machined. Cerbide is currently developing guidelines for hard working operations on our materials.
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